Right on so many levels.

Hi there!  Welcome to my blog about life in lifts (a.k.a elevators). Life is one of ups and downs in the Block 6 lifts. We’re on the 35th floor but there are many living above us and  even more living below. The confined space of a lift is a great opportunity to converse with neighbours, delivery guys, security guards, cleaners, or even the maintenance man.

There are three lifts, each with its own distinct personality. For the purpose of this blog, I’ve named them (from left to right as you face them) A, B, and C. No cute names here. Lift A is a stinker. It’s the cargo elevator and carries the heavy goods (furniture, bricks, plants, household refuse, workmen) to and from the apartments. It sometimes smells bad. I’ve included a photo below:

Lift A – you’re a disgrace!

This blog aims to explore a micro-cosm of contemporary Chinese society.  It’s not limited to elevators, human interaction (lift rides can be solitary endeavours) or Chinese culture. No, it’s limited to the musings and worldview of a lift passenger who often thinks silly things on many levels – both figuratively and literally. I’ll try to post my observations a few times a week.

Enjoy the ride!

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