Glossary of Terms

(More to come)

The Blitzkrieg – The act of entering a lift before people inside can exit.

Delay n’ Dash – Delaying entry to an elevator long enough to allow doors to close part way. An aggressive hacking action allows delay n’dash participant to prise open doors and enter.

Ghost of Smoke – The act of smoking inside the elevator (alone or with other macho mates) and then leaving smell for others to enjoy – often hours later.

The Jack-in-the-Box – Leaping out on the wrong floor at unsuspecting strangers.

The Inspector – Standing next to someone and inspecting their shoes, eyes, phone, clothing, hair, face, breakfast etc.. Blinking not encouraged. Popular with older people.

Surge and Stop – Pushing ones way out of lift first before abruptly stopping, therefore blocking the people behind.