About this Site

Life in Lifts is written by KJ, a New Zealander living in Guangzhou, China. KJ has lived and worked in China for 20 years. KJ holds three degrees, two daughters, and used to have a pet rabbit named Rachel. His in-laws took Rachel to the local market (and she was never seen again). He speaks advanced intermediate Mandarin Chinese and has some knowledge of Cantonese (especially the naughty words). This knowledge allows him to chat with the locals, not always understanding everything but enough to get the “gist” and gain insights into their daily lives.

Elevator rides seldom last more than a minute so complicated issues of global concern are rarely touched upon. Recent blogs have veered away from the confines of the elevator though, rest assured, not a day goes by without bizarre and (sometimes) wonderful lift encounters. 

Dedicated to the late Rachel Rabbit